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PizzzAR is a high efficacy and super cost efficient digital medium for advertisement and promotion campaign, featuring AR/VR/MR Production, location-aware function, view data capture and big data analytics in a comprehensive managed service provision. It is a disruptive technology in the media advertising space that does both pull and push operation for the advertisement.

The top surface of a Pizza Box is a very valuable ad space.

You can divide the top of a 10” x 10” pizza box into 16 equally-sized squares (4 across and 4 down). Each square is printed with an advertiser’s logo or an image that highlights their wares and services. The printed square is used as Marker or Target to trigger AR (Augmented Reality) Production.

What is AR? It is augmentation of experience with an event or activity by layering of additional data or digital assets over the physical reality of the regular experience.

An app is first installed in a Smartphone (either iOS or Android compliant) to run in it. The consumer simply points the camera of the Smartphone at a Marker of interest to trigger the presentation of AR Production.

The AR Production can be an ad presentation that consists of any number of pages of texts, images, videos, audios or an incentive of sorts – discount vouchers etc.

Changes, updates, and improvements can all be made in the cloud-based service platform easily - it's a breeze!

Location-aware function working with GPS-based geofencing and iBeacon-based location-sensing allows for useful data capture and big data analytics for both passive and pro-active advertisement and promotion campaign to be run with great efficacy and high efficiency.

An example of pro-active or push advertisement and promotion campaign can work as follows: if and when the user/viewer running PizzzAR in his Smartphone is within 20 feet of a sporting goods store in a shopping mall who is an advertiser on PizzzAR service platform, PizzzAR can bring up and deliver a certain ad of the advertiser and push it to the viewer. The ad may be for a special offer that says “ For today only, 50% off the price on price tag for all Reebok sneakers at FootComfort, there is one within 20 feet from where you are.” The message is delivered in both audio (voice) and text + logo + interesting graphic animation.

PizzzAR service platform is designed to have all the functions required to facilitate fast onboarding of all parties involved in the distribution value/food chain to acquire and support the advertiser and the advertisement and promotion campaign. Multiple levels of resellers are supported for discrete settings for pricing and billing operation. All stakeholders get web-based dashboard for viewing of campaign performance and cost and margin management, etc.

You can just let your enterprising imagination run wild to come up with all possibilities of promotion and monetization.

Think what you want to make a 2.5”x 2.5” Marker become and how it can be used for promotion of anything by anyone to anyone on any printed page that has a huge circulation for distribution.

While it is certainly true that everyone loves pizza, PizzzAR as a notion is powerful and profitable and applicable for adoption for implementation in any "vehicle" that has large circulation even just a full-page of a magazine with large circulation.

PizzzAR's greatest advantage is its multiplying effect. One 2.5" x 2.5" real estate in any print medium can be made to present a multiplicity of great deals for advertising and promotion purposes.


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