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The traditional newsprint media companies("NMCs")have been facing life threatening competition from the digital media companies for advertising dollars.

The steady decline in NMC's revenue from ad sales can be reversed quickly and cost-efficiently by deploying PizzzAR to leverage your existing production facilities and distribution network.


Print ads stay relevant only for a certain amount of time.

Ease of tracking:

Print advertisers cannot see data on how many viewers saw their ad and how long they looked at it.


Print ads only serve one ad for all the regions of the local magazine.

Who choose PizzzAR?

PizzzAR is a comprehensive cloud-based managed service that is ready for use in any community with high speed internet infrastructure.

Get the competitive edge that NMCs need to compete with digital media without the need to make significant capital investment or requiring the NMC to retool in order to work with this disruptive digital medium for advertisement and promotion campaigns.

The PizzzAR Competitive Advantage

Super cost efficiency -

Low one-time production costs and extremely low running costs. Variable costs incurred only with proven incidents of capture of eyeballs.

Change content on the fly -

Updates to ad content can be made at the cloud-based server without requiring change to the Markers in the public domain.

Global reach, Local view -

Service is available across all time zones with delivery of the ad and promo contents in the language of preference of the viewer.

Visibility of performacne -

Real time and up-to-date campaign costs are available to view in the dashboard;this is great for cost management and decision making. Campaigns can be suspended with just a click.

Push advertising in addition to Pull advertising -

Integrate location aware triggers to deliver ads and promo content relevant to viewers in their local environment.

Again, there is no cost for you, we want to sell this to your advertisers so they can create interactive experiences for their customers. Within the framework of a revenue sharing model, Ecocarrier will do all the digital work on our side, while your sales team sells this new innovative platform to your advertisers.


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